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Re: Woody / Stable

>>"Petr" == Petr Vanek <vanous@penguin.cz> writes:

 Petr> i am sorry to say, but debian is loosing a lot because of this approach.

	Well, what _do_ you expect people to say? What do we put on
 the web when there is no estimate of the time except that we shall
 release when we are ready to support woody, security wiser?
 Essentially, woody shall be released when ready? 

	And what exactly are we loosing?

 Petr> you do a great job in coding, try to do the same in public relation...

	I think that truth in advertizing should count for
 something. Full disclosure counts. You know exactly as much as any
 developer does. And sticking to we shall release when ready out to be
 good PR. It works for me.

 Thank God a million billion times you live in Texas.
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