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Re: spamasassin/razor (do not upgrade)

begin  Robert van der Meulen  quotation:

> Please don't upgrade spamasassin/razor today, as it, ehm, doesn't work. I
> made a boo-boo in yesterday's upload, which basically f*cks it up. A new
> upload will follow later today, adressing these issues.

There was no new spamassassin or razor in Sid today. The last update of
spamassassin was on 9 April (2.11-4), and of razor, 15 April (1.20-1).

Nor is there a new spamassassin or razor in incoming.debian.org.

So, since you neglected to supply the version numbers of the faulty
packages, I am unsure whether you're referring to an upload that didn't
make it into Sid today, or to razor 1.20-1. Should we all downgrade to
razor 1.19-1, or is that one okay? (It seems to be working, but you also
didn't tell us what the bad package's symptoms are, so I can't evaluate
this with certainty either.)

I'm glad you take the effort to package these things for us. I use them
and appreciate them. But your problem report is so lacking in
information that it's basically useless.


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