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XFree 4.2.0 - again

Hi!   (it's my first post here)

You are probably sick and tired of this topic, but ...

Yes, it really has been three (3) months (!) since it was released.

Time to throw some gasoline on the flames ... Branden apparently is incapable of releasing it. So, I suggest that anyone, with enough knowledge and TIME, reading this, would volunteer as XFree package maintainer. Branden's comments suggest that he just doesn't have enough time for that.

Before you all start flaming and bashing me..

No, I am NOT willing to prepare and release that package. I know next to nothing about Debian internals, and I don't have enough time either (with my other projects and a dayjob). Anyway THIS IS NO REASON for me to "shut the fuck up" (to quote Branden's welcome-pic, which I have been weekly refreshing for couple of months now). I am just saying what other developers don't dare to say, as it might damage and rip apart their magic castle. This risk must be taken, or Debian may die anyhow.

Of course, if no-one else is capable of maintaining that package, Debian is in trouble. In that case I suggest hiring a paid programmer for the job (if that should happen, I am willing to donate). XF is way too essential component to be ignored like this. Anyway, no-one will volunteer as long as Branden is officially working on it, so I suggest that the first thing to do is getting rid of him. He can freely continue working with smaller projects, but XF is way too big for him, with his limited resources (time).

Another solution *I* (yes, my opinion only) could accept would be Branden re-evaluating his values, devoting more time for Debian. As a proof of that he should release 4.2.0 in one week (the deadline would be 2002-04-23) and make sure that new releases also get deb'ed in time. Yet another option, of course, would be Branden directly naming his successor.

Now you can start bashing me.

- Tronic -

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