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Re: Euro symbol and XFree

Colin Walters <walters@debian.org> wrote:
>> Good ways to deal with multiple mailing lists include:
>>  * gateway them into newsgroups and read them as news

> I heard on IRC that a few people are doing this with the Debian
> mailing lists.  Does anyone have a quick HOWTO about setting this up?

I use the mail2news-Skript from Torsten Hilbrich (this should be enough
for google), mailpost from inn2 should work to.

> It would be ideal if this was a service offered from (say) master.d.o,
> but I suppose there are issues with posting.  Perhaps only developers
> could be allowed to post at first?

Posting is not even necessary, debian-MLs are open and you can simply
send your replies directly by mail to the list, even if you are not


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