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Re: nautilus witout ximian in woody [was Re: nautilus1.0 in woody...]

Scavenging the mail folder uncovered Joshua Haberman's letter:
> * Jan-Hendrik Palic (palic@billgotchy.de) wrote:
> > I did a next try yesterday. I deinstalled all ximian-packages by dpkg -l |
> > grep ximian, and deinstalled all shwon packages wth apt-get.
> I decided to do this yesterday and go with straight debian packages, and
> I thought I was all done, but went to double-check:
> joshua@birdie:~$ dpkg -l | grep helix
> joshua@birdie:~$ dpkg -l | grep gdm
> ii  gdm            2.0-0.beta4-he GNOME Display Manager
>                                ^^
> Oops. Is there a more satisfactory way to achieve this, perhaps even 
> automate it?

from the debian-italian ML (you need the new apt, with supercow powers):

apt-get install `awk 'BEGIN {RS="\n\n+"} ; /Version: .*helix.*/ { print $2 "/unstable" }' /var/lib/dpkg/status`

this was to remove helix packages, modify it for ximian. or you can use 
the awk part to just list all the packages and purge them

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