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Re: nautilus witout ximian in woody [was Re: nautilus1.0 in woody...]

On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 03:45:23PM -0600, Andy Zbikowski (Zibby) wrote:
|I'm funning stable so this may not apply, but I got to the point where I
|simply purged everything helix or ximian with dpkg -l | grep helix and
|dpkg --force-depends --purge packages. (As others have suggesed, some in a
|cleaner fashion)

I did it also...

|The packages I purged were:
|codecommander gnome-help gnome-help-data gnome-panel-data gnome-session
|gnome-terminal gphoto grdb grip gtk-engines-metal gtk-engines-notif
|gtk-engines-pimap gtk-engines-remond gtk-themes guile1.3 imlib-base
|imlib-dev imlib-progs imlib1 libgal0 libgnomeprint6 libpopt-dev libpopt0
|librep-dev librep9 libunicode-dev libunicode0 mc mc-common pan rep rep-doc
|rep-gtk sawfish task-helix-gnome xmms xmms-dev

At my mashine, there were more package removed, the xinian-source was
removed from my sources.list, but I have one problem, the gnome-packages are
quite old in woody.
Nautilus isn't in woody yet. So, I will wait for the new packages.. :-)

|I then removed the ximian archive from my sources.list and ran apt-get
|update && apt-get -f install. Things are running smoothly now.

Not at me. I need gnome-pilot and gnome-pim-conduit, they were not
installable yet...

One time, you all will be emulated by linux!

Jan- Hendrik Palic
E-Mail: "palic@billgotchy.de"

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