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Re: Quake is GPL

On 99-12-26 Bart Schuller wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 26, 1999 at 01:56:00PM +0100, Christian Kurz wrote:
> > P.S.: I wonder what you would do if you are such a maintainer who could
> > be with half an leg in jail.

> I would *personally* make sure that I was in compliance with the
> relevant laws. If I felt that that would take too much of my time, then
> I would stop mirroring.

Just because a big group of developers isn't able to provide a solution
for such cases which is better then stop mirroring? 

> I would *not* ask others in different countries to do my work for me. It
> would offer no protection whatsoever.

I don't say that other people should do the work to decide but as we
have not only the problem here in Germany but also in some other
countries, we should provide a better mechanismen for the FTP-Maintainer
in those countries then now. 

> What would you say to the judge? "My fellow Debian maintainers assured
> me that everything would be legal in my country, so I didn't think I
> would have to check that"?

You don't know about the new German Laws for Provider? There's a section
in it that says that you are only responsible for foreign data on your
server, if you know about it and it's technical possible to prevent the
use of this data. I'm not a lawyer, but I think that this could also be
relevant for mirrong data on an FTP-Server.

> Yes, this sucks really hard. Now imagine that you lived in a country
> that didn't have those stupid laws. Wouldn't you be glad of your
> freedom?

A bit yes, but also I would forget in which situation are other people
are and I would harm them just because my country has better laws. 

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