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Re: Debian Games Team website

Am 18.08.2014 15:36, schrieb Alexandre Dantas:
> I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a voting system,
> ...

A voting system is complex and makes only sense on heavily visited
sites, so I recommend waiting with that until the site is heavily
visited. :)

Am 18.08.2014 19:42, schrieb Markus Koschany:
>> So, in the end, I think it should be "Game of the Week", which puts a
>> balance between people visiting the site for updates and possible
>> contributions from within the team.
> We have a few hundred games to show off. I'm still in favor of "Game of
> the day" but those are details that should be easily solvable.

If I want to have a list of many games I can look at the full blends
pages. I would prefer if we would take turns picking games (and the
homepage would say who picked a given game of the month). That's
sustainable even if in the end only a few people take turns. The rules
could be that a game cannot be picked twice and that one is not allowed
to pick a game he has created himself.

Am 18.08.2014 15:36, schrieb Alexandre Dantas:
> And as for the "Blends Versus Homepage" issue, why don't we make the
> Games Team homepage oriented towards development and the Blends page
> for the user?
> - The team homepage could contain team statistics, list of bugs... You
>   know, things the team might care about.
> - The blends page could have a neat appearance, showcasing current
>   games and with discovery tools, directed straight to the people who
>   think "I'm on Linux and want to play some games. What do I have?"

I agree that the natural place for the game of the month would be the
blends homepage aimed at users if that's possible.

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