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Re: Debian Games Team website

Alexandre Dantas <eu@alexdantas.net> writes:

> So, back to the team website; I made a draft that anyone can see live
> here[4] and the entire code is available on a Git repository[5].

I looked at it and saw that you used quite some weird characters on the
page. Likely, the font you used on your development machine does contain
the characters you want to show there, but most, if not all other fonts
will differ at that place. This means that the page is only looks right
if the browser is using the font that you used during development.

This is similar to including characters in a text file that only looks
correct if the user has Wingdings installed – and hampers accessibility,
interoperability and maintainability in similar ways.

I am seeing the following glyphs on the page that are probably not quite
what you intended: The digit 7 in a filled box () besides “Get
Involved”, the ligature for fl () besides “Wiki”, some kind of cross
() besides “Packages”, a small serif p () besides “Choose Theme”, the
number 8 in an outlined box () besides “Alioth Project”, a 4 lowered
below the baseline () besides “Introductory Information”, the number 19
in an outlined box () besides “Various useful links”.

Do not dismiss this – I actually thought that “Introductory Information”
was section 4 and tried to scroll up until I realized that there are no
sections 1 to 3. But do not worry: This happens to be a common mistake
among new web developers and can easily be fixed – just use the right
Unicode codepoints!

I can infer from the class name “glyphicon-book” that you want to show
the glyph for “book” besides “Wiki”. Unicode has several characters for
books, like U+1F4D3 NOTEBOOK (📓), U+1F4D5 CLOSED BOOK (📕) or U+1F4D6
OPEN BOOK (📖). See <http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U1F300.pdf> for a
non-exhaustive list of miscellaneous symbols and pictographs.

(Disclaimer: I have drawn lots of Unicode symbols for GNU Unifont.)

Nils Dagsson Moskopp // erlehmann

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