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Re: Debian Games Team website

Am 14.08.2014 20:54, schrieb Alexandre Dantas:
> Hey Markus, thanks for replying!
> I made some changes according to your suggestions and minor tweaks:
> - The homepage has a "Featured Game" section, showing information
>   on a specific game. It's currently written by hand, but will be
>   a template to whatever game the server selects.

I like it and I have a suggestion:
Instead of randomly selecting a game, we could display a "Pick of the
month" and select a game which is especially nice every month. The past
picks of the month could be archived so that we end up with a list of
recommendations. This is very helpful because it's hard to find the best
games among the huge amount we have in Debian. Also, the best games are
better for advertising the games team than random games. I got the idea
from here:

> - I've also added more pages, according to the links you pointed out.
>   There's "Tasks"[0], with a dummy content based on the package list
>   and "Statistics"[1], with the contents of the current statistics page.
>   - About the "Tasks" page, I did not add the entire contents of the
>     task lists; it's merely an example. The links on the Table of
>     Contents work (at least for "Adventure" and "Tetris") and it
>     would be nice for the server to count how many

On the one hand I like the tasks page. On the other hand this could
become a reinvention of blends.debian.org and you should consider if
that's a good idea. blends.debian.org has already cool features like
letting the user supply translations.


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