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Re: Debian Games Team website

Hey Markus, thanks for replying!
I made some changes according to your suggestions and minor tweaks:

- The homepage has a "Featured Game" section, showing information
  on a specific game. It's currently written by hand, but will be
  a template to whatever game the server selects.

- I've also added more pages, according to the links you pointed out.
  There's "Tasks"[0], with a dummy content based on the package list
  and "Statistics"[1], with the contents of the current statistics page.
  - About the "Tasks" page, I did not add the entire contents of the
    task lists; it's merely an example. The links on the Table of
    Contents work (at least for "Adventure" and "Tetris") and it
    would be nice for the server to count how many

- When you choose a theme it gets applied to all pages through a
  Javascript-placed cookie. The new Debian tracker page uses it too,
  so I thought "why not"?
  - Speaking of theme selection, I intended to leave it temporarily
    so everyone at the Games Team could agree on the best theme.
    I didn't think of leaving it to the user, but if this is
    something you guys prefer then ok.
    In the end we'll make the server directly provide the stylesheets
    though (instead of relying on Javascript on a per-page basis).

- The navigation bar automatically hides when you scroll down, but
  appears again when you scroll up.

I totally agree on the contest idea. I could make a page specifically
to promote it, with current submissions and ideas.
As of the logo, I prefer the Joystick one :P

Finally, as the complexity (and page number) of this site grows, I
start to wonder how would it be implemented on the back-end.

I suppose all the other Debian pages uses PHP, so I'd like to know
more about the server-side API that gets information from the
Bugs/Track/Tasks/Wiki pages.
As soon as I get that I can upload the site and model it to show
real-time information on the Games Team.

Alexandre Dantas

[0]: http://alexdantas.github.io/pkg-games.homepage/tasks.html
[1]: http://alexdantas.github.io/pkg-games.homepage/stats.html

On 08/14/2014 07:59 AM, Markus Koschany wrote:
> Hi Alexandre!
> On 14.08.2014 05:47, Alexandre Dantas wrote:
>> Hello, people from the Debian Games Team!
>> I just saw the "Get Involved" page from the Wiki and decided to
>> contribute with a homepage for the team.
> My first impression is: Cool! That's exactly what we need. It would be
> great if you could incorporate
> http://blends.debian.org/games/tasks/packagelist
> and other related pages of the Debian Games Blend in your design
> somehow. Basically they can serve as the content for our homepage and
> provide an overview about all games Debian has to offer. e.g here is the
> "finest" task
> http://blends.debian.org/games/tasks/finest
> I guess we need to agree on some sort of theme first but I also like the
> idea to let the user decide what kind of theme she prefers by using your
> theme chooser idea.
> We have also some statistic pages
> http://blends.debian.org/games/
> bug pages and a PTS/Tracker page
> https://packages.qa.debian.org/d/debian-games.html
> https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/debian-games
> Personally I would like to see some kind of (transparent) banner in the
> first third of the page like the one on
> http://quickpress.alexdantas.net/ that depicts a collage of various
> Debian Games and more emphasis on the games themselves. But then all the
> information about the team, wiki links and so on should follow.
> [...]
>> Since the wiki pointed to two possible logos, I placed them both on
>> the site. A minor tweak - if you click on a logo it disappears.
>> So you could compare which one you think looks better on the page.
> I prefer the "chess" logo although I think it would make sense to start
> a contest and encourage users to create a Debian Games logo and we could
> offer some small prices too. :)
> That's it for now
> Regards,
> Markus

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