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Re: Debian Games Team website


On 18.08.2014 15:36, Alexandre Dantas wrote:
> Sorry if that seems too newbish, but how does games currently get
> selected to be on `games-finest`?

Let's say there are advantages if you work alone on a project. Wanna
have nsnake on the list? Bribe me, now! :)

More information are available from the package description. I wanted to
make sure that users would get a broad selection of different games.
They should be popular and fun to play. Aesthetics were also important
and of course the rest was a matter of taste.

> I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a voting system,
> even if it's only among the people from the Games team.
> If not, then I agree with picking a game randomly,
> because it would improve visibility on otherwise hidden games.

I think that would be an option for the new website. You could implement
a voting feature and let the users rate their favorite games. Perhaps it
could be implemented as a button under each game in the web sentinel.
Something similar to penguspy.com?

> Of course we should have a back log with previously selected games,
> both to prevent same games from showing up and for historical purposes.
> Also, people from the team could collaborate on the highlighted game.
> Like, if we are in a good mood, we might submit new screenshots,
> check if the package is updated and help each other. :)

I was once like you...then reality hit me hard. But sure let's try again. :P

> The highlight section could also point out to ways on how users could
> collaborate to the game (like translating things or providing bug
> reports).

Good idea. More links isn't a bad thing. We just have to make sure that
we don't clutter the website with too much information but it sounds
like a good idea, really.

> So, in the end, I think it should be "Game of the Week", which puts a
> balance between people visiting the site for updates and possible
> contributions from within the team.

We have a few hundred games to show off. I'm still in favor of "Game of
the day" but those are details that should be easily solvable.

> And as for the "Blends Versus Homepage" issue, why don't we make the
> Games Team homepage oriented towards development and the Blends page
> for the user?
> - The team homepage could contain team statistics, list of bugs... You
>   know, things the team might care about.
> - The blends page could have a neat appearance, showcasing current
>   games and with discovery tools, directed straight to the people who
>   think "I'm on Linux and want to play some games. What do I have?"

Excellent idea. Why not?

> Sorry if I proposed a lot. I know it's a lot of work, but I'm anxious
> to hear what you guys think of it.

Keep the ideas coming. We can tweak everything later and a website is
never finished anyway.



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