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Re: Xonotic: gmqcc package review

On 29.09.2013 16:56, Anton Balashov wrote:

>> Why automatic tarballs [1] produced for git tags by GitHub do not work
> for you?
> As I already mentioned, according to the bug [1], I have to use a custom
> commit. And AFAIK, because last versions of this compiler probably
> wouldn't build current xonotic code. So, automatically download tarball
> becomes not so easy and not so necessary. Anyone can get the same source
> from upstream git by hash from package version. I doubt that there will
> be another versions soon.

If you are interested in simplifying this process to create identical
dfsg free tarballs from git, I recommend


which explains extensively how to write a get-orig-source target for
different version control systems.


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