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Re: Xonotic: gmqcc package review

>>  Why automatic tarballs [1] produced for git tags by GitHub do not work
>>  for you?
> As I already mentioned, according to the bug [1], I have to use a custom
> commit. And AFAIK, because last versions of this compiler probably
> wouldn't build current xonotic code. So, automatically download tarball
> becomes not so easy and not so necessary. Anyone can get the same source
> from upstream git by hash from package version. I doubt that there will
> be another versions soon.

I have missed that bug. Well, in this case I would recommend you to write a
separate shell script (let's call it get-orig-source.sh) which will download
the latest git tag if no arguments specified or will download specific git
snapshot if short hash is specified as first argument.

Also it is good idea to document the reason of choosing this specific git
snapshot somewhere in the package. It this case casual reader will have no
questions to the package version.

>>>  About next lintian warnings: I installed Lintian v2.5.19~bpo70+1 and
>>>  anyway don't see those warnings :(
>>  How do you launch lintian?
> Just lintian <package.deb>. And git-buildpackage (looks like) does the
> same. But I have a config file [2].

You should run lintian for *.changes file, but not for *.deb files. For example:
lintian -ivIE --pedantic  *.changes

I see you have configured ~/.lintianrc, so in your case it will be simpler:
lintian *.changes

> * Should I make a patch for manpage?

Yes, it would be good idea, despite the fact that this is not mandatory.
But first, check if upstream already fixed man pages in newer commits.

> * What to do with dir "syntax"?

Not sure that do you mean.

> * Who will be able to became a sponsor for the package?

I am not intend to sponsor this package. Sorry.

But I am sure that it will be uploaded pretty soon once you open the RFS.

Best wishes,

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