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Re: Xonotic: gmqcc package review

Hi Anton,

First, I would suggest you to use Git in proper way: one commit per one change.
And the process of reviewing your changes will become a bit easier.

>> 2) Why do you use more strict license (GPL-2+) for debian package?
>>  It would be good idea to use the same license (Expat) as program
>>  uses. And debian/copyright file will become shorter. =)
> Because it was suggested by dh_make by default +)
> Done. But I'm not sure that I made it right (I made empty description in
> second define Expat license).

Make `git pull` and see how it should look like.

>>  Please remove all comments. They are useless.
> I left "#export DH_VERBOSE=1" for now. Is it OK?

It is useless as well. People who may want to use it usually aware of it.

>>  2) Is override_dh_auto_install really necessary? Have you tried to
>>  build the package without it?
> Anyway, I have to override PREFIX, because Makefile has it as /usr/local
> what is not allowed in Debian.

Ok, I have made tiny cosmetic changes in debian/rules.

>>  How is the orig tarball (i.e. gmqcc_0.2-678-g100eaf9.orig.tar.gz)
>>  created? What are the commands? If you have a local pristine-tar
>>  branch, please push it.
> In this case I download the commit [1] from github.com as a zip file and
> recompressed it into orig.tar.gz. Sometimes I do that by git hard reset
> on custom commit and tar zcf <pkg-version>.orig.tar.gz --exclude-vcs.
> What is the best way if there is no archive from author?

Why automatic tarballs [1] produced for git tags by GitHub do not work for you?
And why did you choose this specific git snapshot instead of latest git tag?

[1] https://github.com/graphitemaster/gmqcc/tags

It is up to maintainer to choose the way of creating tarball. But the most
important thing is documenting the reproducible way to re-generate this tarball.

I suggest you to add get-orig-source section to debian/rules. See [2] for
example. In your case get-orig-source section may be simpler.

[2] ttp://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-games/astromenace.git;a=blob;f=debian/rules;hb=HEAD#l29

> About next lintian warnings: I installed Lintian v2.5.19~bpo70+1 and
> anyway don't see those warnings :(

How do you launch lintian?

Best wishes,

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