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Re: Nexuiz 2.5.2-7

(cc'ing the bug)

On 27/09/13 15:05, Anton Balashov wrote:
> What about versions? If there will be nexuiz-data_2.5.2-7, must
> there be rest of nexuiz packages 2.5.2-7 or 2.5.2-6 for rest of
> packages is OK?

All binary packages built from the same source package (e.g.
nexuiz-data, nexuiz-music and nexuiz-textures built from
src:nexuiz-data) must[1] have the same version. When a Debian
maintainer uploads a release, what they upload is an entire source

Binary packages built from different source packages (e.g.
nexuiz-music built from src:nexuiz-data and nexuiz built from
src:nexuiz) do not need to share a version number. nexuiz and
nexuiz-data don't.

> What step should I do next for release?

If you consider src:nexuiz-data to be ready for upload, a Debian
Developer with upload rights needs to check it over, and if they
approve, do the actual upload. This means uploading > 750M of data,
which is probably why nobody is particularly enthusiastic about doing
it :-)

In principle, recompressing large binary packages is great, but in
practice, it isn't necessarily worth doing the upload just for that,
unless/until there is some other reason to do it. nexuiz-data 2.5.2-6
(> 850M) is in stable, so it will stay in the archive regardless; so
when someone uploads a recompressed version, it will take > 750M
*more* archive space. Similarly, existing Nexuiz users (if they don't
put the package on hold) will download 750M of new data, in order for
new Nexuiz users to be able to download 75M less.

I'm not convinced that's worth it, for data for a game that is no
longer developed upstream (some of its upstream developers started a
new proprietary game under the Nexuiz name, and the rest forked it and
called the actively-developed fork Xonotic). If you're interested in
the Nexuiz codebase, IMO a better thing to do would be to help David
Bate package Xonotic (<http://bugs.debian.org/646377>).

If there is some other bug in nexuiz-data that justifies an upload
*anyway*, then my reasons not to do it no longer apply, and your
changes should be included in that upload.


[1] well, that's not 100% true: the real situation is that each of
their version numbers must increase with each upload, but they can be
different. But don't do that.

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