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Re: Add a new lintian check for our release goal

On 20.08.2013 10:40, Anton Balashov wrote:
> Hi, team. Are you there? :)
> Let me remind: we decided to add a new lintian check. And we need to
> determine what check algorithm will be better for us.
> If team don't have an opinion on that, I can choose by my self, but I'm
> a new team member it will be strange.

No that would not be strange.

First step: You can already formulate a bug report because you know that
Lintian should warn about missing desktop and menu files of packages in
section games. How this could be implemented is another question.

> So, current variants:
> 1. Check "there are no /usr/games/* which are not linked by menu and
> desktop files. Use lintian overrides in special cases. It will affect
> some of already  existing correct packages, but will be more sure.
> 2. Check "if there is at least one /use/games/* then there must be at
> least one menu and desktop files.

I would go for option 1. Besides if the Litian warning is only
informational there is no need to override the check. I also think it
makes sense that packages like bsdgames provide desktop files for every
console game. After all that's what the desktop key "Terminal=true" is for.


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