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Add a new lintian check for our release goal

Hello, team.

In a passed meeting [1] we decide "add desktop and menu files to all
team maintained packages". For that we have next action items:

* Miriam finds out how we can easily track packages without desktop and
menu files. # She already release a script for searching packages which
don't desktop and menus files. More info in mail from her with subject
"Preliminary list of games without menu or desktop files".

* Sicness writes a script to analyse which packages need desktop and
menu files

But we also committed a idea "Add a new lintian check for our release
goal". That can be a better solution than writing scripts because after
that we will have truly reports from online lintian DB and we will
predict missing files in future.

Team. we need to make a decision about that. Let's try to answer on a
few questions:
* Should we really add a new lintian check?
* What priority in lintian output it should have? (info, warning etc)
* Based on what documentation or other source we want that? Is this just
a our wish or it's written in some of standards or documentations? If
it's nowhere written maybe we should to write? Where?
* How we will release the idea? Who will write the check and should we
add the check to lintian distr? In this case how? File a bug to lintian

I think yes, file the bug to lintian package is a good case. But before,
we must to answer on this questions. Team, what do you think?


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