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Re: Add a new lintian check for our release goal

8/18/13 9:30 PM, Tobias Hansen wrote:
> There are files in /usr/games that don't need a desktop file. For
> example bsnes ships:
> /usr/games/bsnes
> /usr/games/bsnes-accuracy
> /usr/games/bsnes-compatibility
> /usr/games/bsnes-performance
> The alternatives system sets which of the three other binaries is used
> when bsnes is run. I only want a desktop file for bsnes (and I also want
> the other binaries in /usr/games).
> Cheers,
> Tobias

Tobias, you right, thanks.
We need to find a good algorithm for check. Maybe check if there is
/usr/bin/* then must be at least one menu and desktop files?

Make yours variants and votes :)

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