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Re: Add a new lintian check for our release goal

Hi Anton,

On 18.08.2013 09:37, Anton Balashov wrote:


> * Should we really add a new lintian check?

I think adding a Lintian check is generally a good idea because it
always helps with identifying packaging issues. It is the most
widely used tool for that task and I deem a new check to be useful.

> * What priority in lintian output it should have? (info, warning etc)

I think this should be info because otherwise we would see a lot of
false positives for libraries or game engines. FYI there is an ongoing
discussion about lowering the recommendation for menu files in Debian's policy. [1]
Nevertheless I think it makes sense to have both files within a games package
as long as there is no single or unified solution for all packages.

> * Based on what documentation or other source we want that? Is this just
> a our wish or it's written in some of standards or documentations? If
> it's nowhere written maybe we should to write? Where?

Debian policy 9.6: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-opersys.html#s-menus

The second link to the wiki page is basically only a stub but we could improve
it to emphasize that we want desktop and menu files for all games maintained
by the team or even better for all games in Debian.

> * How we will release the idea? Who will write the check and should we
> add the check to lintian distr? In this case how? File a bug to lintian
> package?

As a first step I suggest to file a bug against Lintian asking for an
implementation that checks whether all source packages in section "games"
ship a desktop and menu file. It should be doable to add a filter that
excludes -data or -dbg packages from the check.



[1] http://bugs.debian.org/707851

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