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Re: Bug#720108: Please upload 0.3.3 to unstable

On 19.08.2013 10:36, Vincent Cheng wrote:
> If we were to change this, I'd be more inclined to go with Ubuntu's
> approach here, i.e. package both and let users have the choice to
> install one or both at the same time. In Ubuntu, they have
> src:supertux which builds binary packages supertux and supertux-data
> (from the 0.3.x branch), and src:supertux-stable which builds binary
> packages supertux-stable and supertux-data-stable (from the 0.1.x
> branch). No file conflicts are introduced (supertux 0.3.x installs
> /usr/games/supertux2, whereas supertux 0.1.x installs
> /usr/games/supertux).


Having both versions of supertux in two different source packages
available in Debian is a good and user friendly idea IMO. At one point
in the future, when the 0.3 series is considered stable, we will most
likely switch to that but I see no problems with providing two different
versions for now.



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