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Re: Add a new lintian check for our release goal

8/18/13 8:32 PM, Markus Koschany пишет:
> As a first step I suggest to file a bug against Lintian asking for an
> implementation that checks whether all source packages in section "games"
> ship a desktop and menu file. It should be doable to add a filter that
> excludes -data or -dbg packages from the check.

I deem this filter is not needed, because (IMHO) lintian should check
what there are a menu and desktop files which links to each /usr/games.
I mean not just existing a files. I mean there are no /usr/games/* in a
package which are not linked by those files. By that we will avoid mistakes.
Do you agree with that?

I'll file a bug when I'll get enough info. Or that can do anyone else
who more is in subject. In this case, pls, notify me.

We would add this info to corresponding task if we would have a task
tracker ;)

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