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New games and some tasks if someone wants to take them

Hi folks,

I have been tinkering with several packages lately.  I am open to any help if anyone wants to take
them on:

Haxima:  New package. Created package in git.  Mostly done but needs debian/copyright finished up.

Dawn: New package. Created dawn-rpg package in git.  Needs review and finishing up debian/*.

CEL: Crystal Entity Layer.  Was already a package in git.  I have updated to 2.0 but am having a
strange build problem.

Enemylines7: I have a new upstream version that runs but still has some issues.  Not sure if it is
even worth updating.  If you are interested, let me know and I will stick my packaging somewhere.

gravitywars:  Mostly done but would really like to use XDG dirs for config files.

pangzero: New upstream release but has some issues.  Pabs might be on top of this one?

pyracerz: Mostly done but this is another one where XDG dirs would probably be helpful.

dopewars:  Sent some significant patches upstream and he has integrated but waiting for a new release.


Barry deFreese
Sometimes helper, sometimes hinderer to:
Debian Games, QA, GNU/Hurd

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