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Re: Add a new lintian check for our release goal

8/18/13 10:06 PM, Tobias Hansen пишет:
> Am 18.08.2013 19:54, schrieb Anton Balashov:
>> 8/18/13 9:30 PM, Tobias Hansen wrote:
>>> There are files in /usr/games that don't need a desktop file. For
>>> example bsnes ships:
>>> /usr/games/bsnes
>>> /usr/games/bsnes-accuracy
>>> /usr/games/bsnes-compatibility
>>> /usr/games/bsnes-performance
>>> The alternatives system sets which of the three other binaries is used
>>> when bsnes is run. I only want a desktop file for bsnes (and I also want
>>> the other binaries in /usr/games).
>>> Cheers,
>>> Tobias
>> Tobias, you right, thanks.
>> We need to find a good algorithm for check. Maybe check if there is
>> /usr/bin/* then must be at least one menu and desktop files?
>> Make yours variants and votes :)
> In /usr/bin there are far too many command line programs to introduce
> such a check. There are also some in /usr/games such as
> /usr/games/fortune, but maybe there are so few of them that we could
> expect them to override the lintian check.
> Cheers,
> Tobias

Of course I meant /usr/games, sorry.
So, team, what is better:
1. Check "there are no /usr/games/* which are not linked by menu and
desktop files. Use lintian overrides in special cases. It will affect
some of already  existing correct packages, but will be more sure.
2. Check "if there is at least one /use/games/* then there must be at
least one menu and desktop files.

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