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[dak/master] *sigh* [dak/master] : [dak/master] add automatic mode for cleanups [dak/master] add suite wrapper class [dak/master] add update to fix up src_uploaders [dak/master] allow us to kill apt-ftparchive clean without rerunning from there [dak/master] also tell flotow, not only merkel [dak/master] Also tell who locked something [dak/master] And this should get rid of suddenly empty prod editors. I hope. [dak/master] apt.conf [dak/master] automatically clean transitions [dak/master] better handling of that report file [dak/master] change print_info to get_info so we can use it for emailing later [dak/master] change reject email template to solicit a reply if new files are uploaded [dak/master] convert binaries.type to a enum [dak/master] cron.unchecked [dak/master] cruft_report: Fix syntax error [dak/master] cruft_report: Hack: skip debian-installer on kfreebsd [dak/master] cruft_report: Split NBS command by source package [dak/master] dak init-db: properly initialize suite_architectures [dak/master] dak update-db: fixes to make it work on a fresh install [dak/master] dak.conf-etc [dak/master] dinstall [dak/master] disallow deletion of notes for trainees [dak/master] docstring [dak/master] eeks [dak/master] etch-m68k [dak/master] examine_package [dak/master] expire_dumps [dak/master] fix import [dak/master] Fix the is_dm check to deal with the fact we have typing in our DB layer [dak/master] fix undefined cursor [dak/master] fix update script [dak/master] fix variable name and send email before removing transition [dak/master] Fixes [dak/master] generate-releases [dak/master] HAHA [dak/master] i think contents are actually working on separate thread now? [dak/master] kfreebsd [dak/master] Lets import the future [dak/master] Lets try it with correct syntax [dak/master] NEW [dak/master] not only does this want correct syntax, but also correct indexes for our tuples. bah. [dak/master] Oh my, all for well tested patches [dak/master] optionally send emails on completed transitions [dak/master] p-n [dak/master] p-u [dak/master] pn [dak/master] possibly working multithread contents writer that has udebs disabled [dak/master] process-accepted [dak/master] process-new [dak/master] process-unchecked [dak/master] prod_maintainer wants to take arguments now [dak/master] Remove an unexisting package [dak/master] remove debugging info [dak/master] Revert "add suite wrapper class" [dak/master] schema 11 [dak/master] set STAMP variable during dinstall (mhy) [dak/master] signed buildd incoming dir [dak/master] skip arches we should skip [dak/master] some tweaking to the contents generation queries [dak/master] Spelling [dak/master] src_uploaders deletions now cascade from source [dak/master] strip ./ from front of paths during contents.bootstrap [dak/master] suite_id [dak/master] TODO [dak/master] todo [dak/master] unchecked/dinstall [dak/master] use unchecked.lock, not daily.lock [dak/master] utils.create_hash() [dak/master] Various [dak/master] which_apt_conf_file [dak/master] which_conf_file [dak/master] Why oh why doesnt this code just read my mind and adapt how i want it to be? [p-a-s/sid] add vmware-view-open-client (ANAIS) [p-a-s/sid] add ypsilon (ANAIS) [p-a-s/sid] exclude scratchbox2 source-based (ANAIS) Redirection of Packages-arch-specific change notifications small patch for dakdb update scripts The last update was on 06:26 GMT Wed May 29. There are 109 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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