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Re: small patch for dakdb update scripts

On 11713 March 1977, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> For me this information should not be in the config file any more and using it
> in init-db is wrong. The configuration is in the DB and init-db should simply
> provide a sane default configuration that can be later tweaked by the admin
> (directly in the DB). That sane default configuration is "all the
> architectures" listed in che configurantion file.

> Can some dak leading developer pitch in and make dak usable for people that
> want to set it up to help ?

init-db in its current form should probably just die and be replaced
with one sql file to do the basic stuff and a "dak admin" subcommand to
do the rest. We are currently on that road, having moved parts of the
dak.conf into projectb already. We will move more of it there as soon as
the new DB stuff using sqlalchemy is usable, which is also the time the
dak admin command comes to life.

bye, Joerg
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