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"unsubscribe" fixed 182 New Debian m68k Packages 210 New Debian i386 Packages 31 New Debian m68k Packages 34 New Debian i386 Packages jed_0.98b­2 (source i386) uploaded to master [new package] slsc-0.2.3-1 uploaded to [new package] x3270- uploaded to [new version] xlockmore-3.11-1 uploaded to automake 1.0-1 is released bplay_0.95-4 uploaded to chiark calctool_2.4.9-1_i386 Uploaded. cflow 2.0-8 uploaded to master site compface_89.11.11-4 cucipop 1.10-2 uploaded to master debmake_0.7_i386.changes debmake_0.8_i386.changes debmake_0.91_i386.changes debmake_0.92_i386.changes debmake_0.93_i386.changes debmake_0.96_i386.changes debmake_0.97_i386.changes debmake_0.98_i386.changes debmake_0.99_i386.changes debmake_0.9_i386.changes debmake_1.00_i386.changes debmake_1.01_i386.changes debmake_1.02_i386.changes dejagnu-1.3-5 has been released dhcpcd_0.4-1_i386.changes diald_0.14-5 uploaded to chiark (2nd try) digests of the debian-changes mailing list now available doc-debian_1.2-0 released doc-linux-96.10-1 uploaded to dosemu_0.64.0.2-3_i386.changes dosemu_0.64.0.2-4_i386.changes dosemu_0.64.0.2-5_i386.changes dosemu_0.64.0.2-9_i386.changes elks_0.0.7-5_i386.changes elvis_2.0-5 uploaded to findutils_4.1-12 uploaded, fixes extended description bug fixed all bugs in xanim freefont_0.10-1_i386.changes freefont_0.10-2_i386.changes freefont_0.10-3_i386.changes fsp_2.71-7 (i386) uploaded to master ftplib_1-1 Upload (New Package) fvwm95_2.0.42a-5_i386.changes gdb_4.16-2 uploaded to master (source, i386) grep_2.0-8 uploaded to chiark gwm_1.8c-4 and gwm-doc_1.8c-4 have been uploaded hwtools_0.2-2_i386.changes hwtools_0.2-3_i386.changes ibcs_960823-3_i386.changes idled_1.16-3_i386.changes Imagemagick, and Imagemagick-lzw 3.7.7-1 uploaded to master. info2www and dwww updated for new Apache (and other changes) jed_0.98b-3 (source i386) uploaded to master jed_0.98b-4_i386.changes jedsl_0.98b-1 (source all) uploaded to master kbd 0.91-6 uploaded to master site libelf0 0.5.2-3 uploaded to master (source, i386) lsh 0.61-2 uploaded to master Lynx 2.6-2 (source i386) uploaded to master. lyx_0.10.7-1 uploaded to master mailing list man2html_1.5-4_i386.changes man2html_1.5-5_i386.changes maplay_1.2-3_i386 uploaded (Dependency added) mgetty_0.99-10_i386.changes mgetty_0.99-8_i386.changes mgetty_0.99.2-1_i386.changes mgetty_0.99.2-2_i386.changes mkrboot_0.1_i386.changes mkrboot_0.2_i386.changes modules_2.0.0-13 uploaded to chiark Most 4.6 is uploaded to master ncsa_1.4.2-2_i386.changes ncsa_1.4.2-3_i386.changes nedit_4.0.2-2 uploaded to netcdf-perl_1.1-2_i386 uploaded (Stripped lib) netdiag_0.3-2_i386.changes NEW Package kiss New package: journal, journal-dev New Package: NCSA httpd New package: pj-base, Pluto Journal base installation New package: Pluto Journal, last two issues (pj96n05, pj96n06) New packages gv-2d and gv-3d uploaded to master offix_2.1-2 Upload. Oops. Reannouncing apache 1.1.1-6 Opinions on Linux Journal article Re: Opinions on Linux Journal article poppassd_1.2-2_i386.changes ppp 2.2.0f-7 uploaded to master ppp_2.2.0f-10_i386.changes ppp_2.2.0f-12_i386.changes ppp_2.2.0f-15_i386.changes ppp_2.2.0f-16_i386.changes ppp_2.2.0f-9_i386.changes premail_0.44-1 uploaded pwgen_1-3 Upload. Red Hat Package Manager debianized rlpr_1.30-2_i386.changes rpm_2.2.7-2_i386.changes rpm_2.2.7-3_i386.changes rxvt_2.18-4_i386 uploaded rxvt_2.18-5_i386 uploaded scilab Upload. scilab_2.2-1 Upload (New Package) scilabdoc Upload. sdc_1.0.6beta-1 released SECURITY FIX: lprng-2.3.12-3 released sed_2.05-10 uploaded to chiark sharefont_0.10-1_i386.changes sharefont_0.10-2_i386.changes sharefont_0.10-3_i386.changes Re: Something wrong with the list? strace_3.1-7 uploaded to chiark suck 3.2.1-2 uploaded to master suck 3.3.0-1 uploaded to master svgatextmode_1.4-5_i386.changes svgatextmode_1.4-8_i386.changes tclx74-7.4a-p2-1 and tclx75-7.5.2 uploaded to master Telechargement de manpages-fr_0.1-1 (Nouveau) Tix40 and Tix41 uploaded to master Unidentified subject! unzip_5.12-15 uploaded to master upload: libjpeg 6a-3 Uploaded 9menu 1.4-5 (source i386) to master Uploaded 9term 1.6.6-2 (source i386) to master Uploaded 9wm 1.2-1 (source i386) to master Uploaded apache 1.1.1-6 (source i386) to master Uploaded blt 2.1-5 (source i386) to master Uploaded bzip 0.21-1 (source i386) to Uploaded bzip 0.21-2 to Uploaded calc 2.02e-1 (source all) to master Uploaded cgi-scripts 1.0.1-2 (source i386) to master Uploaded cucipop 1.10-1 (source i386) to master Uploaded diald 0.14-7 (source i386) to chiark Uploaded dpkg (source i386 all) to infodrom Uploaded efax 08a-1 (source i386) to master Uploaded fortune-mod 9510-2 (i386 source) to master Uploaded freelip 1.0-1 (source i386) to master Uploaded ghostview 1.5-10 (source i386) to master Uploaded ghostview 1.5-11 (source i386) to master Uploaded ghostview 1.5-13 (source i386) to master Uploaded ghostview 1.5-9 (source i386) to master Uploaded gv 2.7b5-2 (diff i386) to master Uploaded gv 2.7b5-3 (source i386) to master Uploaded icmake 6.21-1 (source i386) to chiark Uploaded isdnutils 2.0-5 (source i386) to chiark Uploaded lesstif 0.50-3 (source i386) to master Uploaded libobjects 0.1.19-5 (source i386) to master Uploaded libtclobjc 1.1b3-4 (source i386) to master Uploaded libtclobjc 1.1b3-5 (source i386) to master Uploaded logwrites 1.1-3 (source i386) to chiark Uploaded lshell 2.01-5 (source i386) to chiark Uploaded mush 7.2.5unoff2-3 (source i386) to infodrom Uploaded netcdf 2.4.3-3 (source i386 all) to master Uploaded netcdf 2.4.3-4 (source i386 all) to master Uploaded pdksh 5.2.11-1 (source i386) to master Uploaded perl 5.003.07-1 (source i386) to master Uploaded povray 3.0.10-1 (source all i386) to infodrom Uploaded procps (1.09-2) to master Uploaded procps 1.01a-2 (source i386) to master Uploaded procps 1.01a-3 (source i386) to master Uploaded procps 1.01a-5 (source i386) to master Uploaded procps 1.09.2 (source i386) to master Uploaded python 1.4beta3-1 (source i386) to master Uploaded qt0 0.99-1 (source i386 all) to chiark Uploaded qt1 1.0-1 (source i386 all) to chiark Uploaded samba 1.9.16p9 (source i386) to master Uploaded saoimage 1.19-1 (source i386) to master Uploaded sgrep 0.99-1 (source i386) to chiark Uploaded sharutils 4.2.1-1.2 (source i386) to chiark Uploaded sliphangup 1.4-1 (source i386) to chiark Uploaded ssh 1.2.16-1 (source i386) to ftp.inf.tu-dresden Uploaded tcs 1-2 (source i386) to master Uploaded texi2html 1.51-1 (source all) to master Uploaded tf-35a20-1 Uploaded wu-ftpd 2.4-26 (source i386) to chiark Uploaded xbattle 5.4.1-3 (source i386) to master Uploaded xcolorsel 1.1a-2 (source i386) to master Uploaded xconq 7.1.0-2 (source i386 all) to master Uploaded xinput 1.0.1-1 (source i386) to master Uploaded xxgdb 1.12-5 (source i386) to master Uploaded xxgdb 1.12-6 (source i386) to master Uploading dbview 1.0.3-1 (View dBase III files.) Uploading sendfile 1.5-1 (Simple Asynchronous File Transfer) Uploading uudeview 0.5.9-1 (Smart multi-file multi-part decoder) vim_4.5-2 uploaded to master (source, i386) wg15-locale 2-1 uploaded to master Who is Budhimp, anyway? xabacus_1-1 Upload. (New Package) xfaces_3.3-1 xfishtank_2.2-4 Upload xgalaga_1.6c-2 Upload xinetd_2.1.7-1 (source i386) uploaded to master xmotd, message-of-the-day browser for X11, is released xsysinfo-1.5-1 uploaded xsysinfo-1.5-1 uploaded to master xtel 3.1-1 uploaded to master xvier_1.0-1 Upload. (New Package) xview-3.2p1.2-3 released zip_2.01-14 uploaded to master (source, i386) The last update was on 10:34 GMT Fri May 17. There are 220 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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