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Uploaded dpkg (source i386 all) to infodrom

Hi out there,

here is another try to address some of the problems reported
for dpkg-1.4.0 and dpkg-  I hope it fixes more bugs
then introducing new ones.  (About the --compare-versions
option to dpkg I'm not very sure, please try it before relying on.)

Yesterday I've sent the diffs to Ian, but I got no response ...

Regarding the gain-root-command:  It's reverted to the old behaviour.
Since I never got sudo working for relative paths (like debian/rules
would be), I've written simple a `wrapper' around su for my own:

	su root -c "$args"

Not the pure elegance, but working for the usual build process.  To
avoid the password question I've patched su to accecpt an environment
var SUPASS (similiar to pgp and PGPPASS) -- since I'm mostly the one
and only on my machine, I think, it's quite secure ;-).


Format: 1.5
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 1996 23:27:47 +0200
Source: dpkg
Binary: dpkg dpkg-dev
Architecture: source i386 all
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Heiko Schlittermann <heiko@lotte.sax.de>
 dpkg       - Package maintenance system for Debian Linux
 dpkg-dev   - Package building tools for Debian Linux
 dpkg ( unstable; urgency=medium
   * dpkg-buildpackage.sh: reverted the quoting change -- (you
     should use super, sudo, realy, but not su.  Or write a wrapper
     around su)
   * dpkg-buildpackge.sh: passing -m, -C, -v options to dpkg-genchanges
     more the way Ian likes ;-)
   * dpkg-source.pl: new function deoctify() as replacement for eval()
     (turn \ddd into the corresponding character) [rem: probably better
     solution would be to convert cpios output names into complete \ddd
     representation as well tars output names]
   * dpkg-source.pl: fixed 2 typos in failure message on creating
   * main/main.c: typo `tread' -> `treat'
   * main/enquiry.c: fixed the ignorance for some relations
     in --compare-versions
   * main/enquiry.c: missing version is now handled as
     described in `dpkg --help' (or at least as I understood
     `dpkg --help' PLEASE TRY IT)
   * lib/parsehelp.c: fixed parsing of epoch information
 840f4aaa4dc920d422fbe712a957a0d7 546 base required dpkg_1.4.0.2.dsc
 f831a7a2e3a3e7c6f36eb68ccf24061c 477485 base required dpkg_1.4.0.2.tar.gz
 fd320ac22a1be977258ef3c62ffc0e32 209326 base required dpkg_1.4.0.2_i386.deb
 2a018aa0d0edf88036548a30997f7277 204910 byhand - dpkg_1.4.0.2_i386.nondebbin.tar.gz
 508535fe3c3e5cf56a8ee6cb67f321f1 142518 devel important dpkg-dev_1.4.0.2_all.deb
 40e044504348874f2d65333961f1ca92 67690 byhand - policy.ps.gz
 67af30c3eb079c16697fe5498aef870b 24094 byhand - policy.html.tar.gz
 0c8004f64265cfe62cd21ad91a6fe12c 122103 byhand - programmer.ps.gz
 279225419ea83720a9634c39345e8506 41541 byhand - programmer.html.tar.gz

Version: 2.6.2i


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