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Re: How I want languagechooser to behave

[Denis Barbier]
>> The purpose of languagechooser is to ask the person doing the
>> installation about his preferred language.  This information can be
>> used to choose which language to use during installation and set
>> this language as the default language after the installation.
> Right, but locales and languages are 2 different things.

Kind of.  One one level, I mean locale when I write language above.
On another, I do not.

> All translations in debian-installer use UTF-8 encodings, whereas
> people might want to use a locale with their legacy encoding.  Or do
> you want to only propose UTF-8 locales by default?

I expect to use a common locale in d-i to keep glibc happy (like
C@UTF-8 used by bootfloppies), and to use a different and
langauge-dependant locale when the system boots from hard drive.

In other words: Language choosen by languagechooser maps to one
specific locale, but this locale is not used by d-i.  It is only used
by base-config after the system boots.

> I also wonder what happens with the locales package at installation
> time, is it installed and configured?

Yes, it should be installed.  I do not think it will be configured by
default.  termwrap in base-config will try to generate the locale
needed to get translations working in the second stage installer using

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