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How I want languagechooser to behave

I find the current languagechooser complex and non-intuitive.  To make
sure everyone know where I want it to move, I wrote down a little
description on where I want the package to move.  I know we have been
discussing these things lately, so I thought this was good time to get
something down in writing.  Here is the current README.  Any comments.
Is this a good idea?

debian-installer language chooser

This package should behava as follows:

  0. extract available languages from list of available locales
     (mapping language code -> language name)

  1. present list of language names, and ask the user to pick one.

  2. if the language is available in several regions (maps to several
     locales), ask which region / language variant to use.  (allow
     user to [back] off to the language list.

  3. pass the locale information on to the parts that needs it.

Based on this information a locale is selected.  This locale maps to
one language, one region, a priority list of fallback languages, and a
default keyboard layout.

The language code is passed into cdebconf.  The locale and priority
list of languages is passed to base-config/termwrap as LANG_INST and
LANGUAGE_INST in /target/root/dbootstrap_settings.  The 

For each supported locale, the following information must be

  - language code (part of locale)
  - country code (part of locale)
  - priority list of fallback languages to use as translations
  - default keymap to use

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