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Re: How I want languagechooser to behave

[Denis Barbier]
> I disagree, there is no reason to propose languages which have no
> translated templates.

Actually, I use this information to also set the default language in
KDE and GNOME, as well as the default dictionary in ispell.  But there
is no reason to list _all_ languages available, but that was implicit
in my suggestion, as the list of available locales do not need to be
complete (ie. the same as the one in glibc/locales).

> Why don't merge 1 and 2 into a single list?

To make the language list shorter, and less confusing.  I guess the
lists could be combined into one list.  We will have to test and see
which presentation is best for new users.  (Old users will cope with
both approaches.

> Does this mean that LANGUAGE is fully determined by this locale, or
> can it be edited?

I want it to be fully determined by the locale, and do not see the
need to edit it manually.  Do you think the first time users need to
edit this list of fallback translations?

>> and a default keyboard layout.
> Shouldn't keyboard layout be handled by kbd-chooser?

Sure.  But the default should be updated based on the choosen locale.

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