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Re: How I want languagechooser to behave

[Denis Barbier]
> Maybe I missed the purpose of languagechooser?  Is it supposed to
> select installation language, or locales when the system is up?  IMO
> it should be the former, then only languages which provide
> translated debconf templates for debian-installer should be listed.

The purpose of languagechooser is to ask the person doing the
installation about his preferred language.  This information can be
used to choose which language to use during installation and set this
language as the default language after the installation.  The first
part is required, the second part is missing in Debian but is present
in Skolelinux.

> Sure, if I prefer reading German than English, I would like to set
> LANGUAGE=fr:de

You will have to modify the default configuration for French, I think.
I do not want this functionality in the first version of
languagechooser.  In later versions, we can implement it as a low
priority question.

> Being able to pass LANG and/or LANGUAGE variables on boot prompt
> would also be nice.

Good idea.  I added it to the README file.

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