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Re: Progress bars again

fre 2003-02-28 klockan 22.52 skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> [Martin Sjögren]
> > 2. rewrite parts of base-installer in C, parse the info and convert it
> > to cdebconf progress bars
> And steal some code from boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap/ I hope?
> Did you check out how this is done in the old installer?

Well, yeah, steal as much as possible, of course. The problem, as I see
it, is that the interfaces are very different.

In b-f, there is no concept of starting or stopping progress bars, and
the progress info is decoupled from the information tags.

You've got
  P: <cur> <max> <title>
  I: <info>
whereas cdebconf has
  progress start <min> <max> <title>
  progress step <step> <info>

Since nobody seemed to object, I changed cdebconf behaviour so the
<step> is added *after* showing the info, so you wouldn't ever have a
100% progress and something still working in the background.

Unfortunately, that doesn't work well with the b-f interface :(

I'm open for all suggestions.


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