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Re: Language and locale setting in /root/dbootstrap_setting

On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 10:32, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I should suggest using the locale member in 'struct language_item' in
> LANG, and making sure this is a proper locale, and then use the msgcat
> member in LANGUAGE.  I do not really understand why perl was
> complaining earlier.  If the LANG variable already contained a proper
> locale name, the previous comment about LANG containing only the
> language code must be wrong.

Some of the language definition files (e.g. german, which I guess Eduard
was using) just set ->locale to the language code.  It does seem like
these are in error.  Also, if we can make LANG come out right, I don't
think there is any need to set LANGUAGE at all.  So, to summarise, I
think we should:

 - revert Eduard's patch to util.c and go back to setting LANG from
 - inspect, and fix if necessary, the locale values in all the 
   .src files so that they include country codes
 - turn on the code protected by USE_LANGUAGE_VARIANTS in boxes.c, but
   not the bit in main_menu.c

Anybody disagree with that?


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