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Re: Language and locale setting in /root/dbootstrap_setting

On Mon, 2002-02-11 at 23:46, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Apparently, someone knew this.  I checked the CVS log for
> dbootstrap/util.c, and discovered that user aph inserted
> LANGUAGE=<langcode> 2001-11-20.  Then the user pb changed this to
> LANG=<langcode> 2002-01-07.  This obviously triggered the warning from
> perl, and blade changed this to LANG_INST=<langcode> 2002-02-10.
> There seem to be some confusion.  Why was LANGUAGE= changed to LANG=?

Mistakenly.  Feel free to change it back.

> Which program is the intended receiver of this value?

base-config, primarily.

> I suggest setting something like this.  I'll have to investigate some
> more to find out where to tell debootstrap to install locale.

Recent debootstraps have some option that allows you to specify extra
packages.  Remember that for non-latin languages you will probably have
to pull in some kind of terminal program as well, e.g. kon2 for Kanji,
or the resulting translations will be unusable.

> Another thing I noticed was that the code i boot-floopies seem to
> assume non-utf-8 is english, and that all translations is using utf-8.
> Is this correct?  Should the default locale support utf-8 instead of
> my suggested ISO-8859-1?

UTF-8 is only used inside boot-floppies itself.  I don't think we can
really claim that woody is UTF-8 ready out of the box, given the issues
with things like slang, so it doesn't seem worth even making it an
option to use that as the default character set.

Just hardcoding ISO-8859-1 doesn't seem like a good idea though, unless
this is just a placeholder that never really does anything.  There are
several supported languages that use different characters, both other
iso-8859-? variants and completely unrelated charsets like EUC-JP.

> BTW: the latest debootstrap fail to build on arm and m68k.  MAKEDEV do
>   not know 'usb'.  Check buildd logs for details.

I built the arm one by hand and it worked.  I guess the build-depend on
makedev wasn't stringent enough or something of the sort.


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