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Re: Language and locale setting in /root/dbootstrap_setting

[Philip Blundell]
> Mistakenly.  Feel free to change it back.

I don't have write access to the CVS.  I'm not a Debian developer.

> Remember that for non-latin languages you will probably have to pull
> in some kind of terminal program as well, e.g. kon2 for Kanji, or
> the resulting translations will be unusable.

Yes.  I do not know any non-latin languages, so I will leave that to
someone who do.

> Just hardcoding ISO-8859-1 doesn't seem like a good idea though, unless
> this is just a placeholder that never really does anything.  There are
> several supported languages that use different characters, both other
> iso-8859-? variants and completely unrelated charsets like EUC-JP.

I should suggest using the locale member in 'struct language_item' in
LANG, and making sure this is a proper locale, and then use the msgcat
member in LANGUAGE.  I do not really understand why perl was
complaining earlier.  If the LANG variable already contained a proper
locale name, the previous comment about LANG containing only the
language code must be wrong.

If I read the code correctly, all the required information is
available, and all boot-floppies need to do is to install locales and
generate the needed locale.  (And fix the font if needed. :-)

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