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Re: install non-core udebs to /usr/local

Joey Hess wrote:
> Glenn McGrath wrote:
> > Actually looks like i was wrong... i did a search a found a snippit of
> > code that refered to a default 1/2 physical memory limit, but looks like
> > the patch wasnt applied.
> > I just made a ramdisk and did dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/space, i got the
> > file to about 100MB but my system started churning swap space, so i did
> > a ^C and have tryied to remove the file i created, no luck yet, it may
> > require a reboot.
> > So maybe 1/2 physical ram might be a *rough* limit that we can go by.
> I think that total_memory - size_of_kernel - size_of_installer -
> 2_or_so_mb is a better rough limit. :-)
yep, i guess size_of_installer will depends what stage the installer is
at as to how much memmory it will need, but i guess we can estimate that

> > Well core components should be components that are essential, i guess
> > its essential that there be one working retriever, but it doesnt matter
> > what that retriever is (net, floppy, hdd, cd) it can be used to get a
> > preffered retriever.
> >
> > I guess that sort of description doesnt make it easy to say absolutely
> > where individual retrievers should go. Maybe we could generalise and say
> > the primary retriever is core and belongs in the root filesystem and
> > further retrievers are non-core and belong in /usr... maybe...
> The primary retreiver will be different depending on what install method
> you are using though.
> The retreiver *may* be the only thing that has this problem, but on the
> other hand ppp is core for ppp installs and not core for a few floppy +
> ppp installs. So ...

Maybe we need to be more descriptive with the retriever modules, we
(may) need to describe

1) Which installer was one the boot medium, this should be in a working
state from the start.

2) The preference in which to installers should be tried, e.g. try the
CD retriever first, then try the net retriever is the cd retriever
doesnt return whats needed.

The retriever in 1) will also have a preference value associated from 2)
whioch might change, but 1) will always be the same.

For pp we could split the net retriever to ppp net retriever and eth net
retriever, butthat oculd get confusing.... Maybe we need a more general
solution as it may be other modules as well.


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