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Re: install non-core udebs to /usr/local

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Actually looks like i was wrong... i did a search a found a snippit of
> code that refered to a default 1/2 physical memory limit, but looks like
> the patch wasnt applied.
> I just made a ramdisk and did dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/space, i got the
> file to about 100MB but my system started churning swap space, so i did
> a ^C and have tryied to remove the file i created, no luck yet, it may
> require a reboot.
> So maybe 1/2 physical ram might be a *rough* limit that we can go by. 

I think that total_memory - size_of_kernel - size_of_installer -
2_or_so_mb is a better rough limit. :-)

> I guess i exagerated a bit, becasue in practive ram size usually goes up
> in jumps of 2, its not that common (in my experience) for machine to
> have >8 and <16

I have a 20 mb box here..

> Well core components should be components that are essential, i guess
> its essential that there be one working retriever, but it doesnt matter
> what that retriever is (net, floppy, hdd, cd) it can be used to get a
> preffered retriever.
> I guess that sort of description doesnt make it easy to say absolutely
> where individual retrievers should go. Maybe we could generalise and say
> the primary retriever is core and belongs in the root filesystem and
> further retrievers are non-core and belong in /usr... maybe...

The primary retreiver will be different depending on what install method
you are using though.

The retreiver *may* be the only thing that has this problem, but on the
other hand ppp is core for ppp installs and not core for a few floppy +
ppp installs. So ...

see shy jo

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