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Re: install non-core udebs to /usr/local

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Well, if we need more than 4MB of space in /usr then it will mean that
> we can only install to machines with more than 8MB, which effictively
> means you need 16MB to install debian.

BTW, where is the 1/2 of ram limitation documented? I read the code but
didn't see what sets that.

Anyway, if we needed 6 mb of space for /usr, a 12 mb machine would work
too, not just 16. But I take your point.

> In my eyes this would be unacceptable, im all for useing ramfs to make
> the most of machines that do have a lot of RAM but we have to have a
> backup plan for those who dont.
> If we can get a loopfs working we might even be able to install to
> machines with 4MB

I see nothing wrong with leaving loopfs support as an option to be
written later if we find it is needed. So long as all it requires is a
seperated out /usr.

Here's a problem we have to work out before we can make /usr be used for
non-core d-i udebs though: What is a core d-i udeb? 

On a system being installed via the net, the wget-retreiver is core. On
a system being installed from cd, where the user wants to use
wget-retreiver to download something else after some udebs are installed
from cd, wget-retreiver is not core.

So aside from some really basic stuff like the libc and a minimal
busybox and main-menu and anna, whether something is a core component
that needs to go in / as opposed to /usr depends on how it is going to
be used.


see shy jo

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