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Re: install non-core udebs to /usr/local

On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 05:15:22PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> So aside from some really basic stuff like the libc and a minimal
> busybox and main-menu and anna, whether something is a core component
> that needs to go in / as opposed to /usr depends on how it is going to
> be used.
> Ideas?

Don't worry about it until we need to?

Why would we need more than a 4MB fs for the unpacked debs? Potato
root.bin unzips to about 3MB. We're currently at about 8MB [0], most of
which is due to not having trimmed down libc, so we can already install
on 16MB systems without worrying about anything. At least theoretically.

I'll note that SuSE, for example, requires 16MB minimum (and 32MB
for a graphical install), so this isn't even completely unreasonable
(just mostly).

Also, if we're releasing woody with b-f's, then d-i can probably rely
on a 2.4.x kernel, and can probably use "multi-mounting" if it's really
necessary: so you can probably arrange things so that almost everything
is already unpacked in fs on the CD you can undermount on / or some such.
Add an option to udpkg so it doesn't bother unpacking something if it's
already on the fs (with the same size/md5?), and voila.

But in the meantime, just require a 128MB dummy position that'll be later
used for swap, or 64MB of RAM or something.


[0] (find -type f | xargs cat; find) | wc -c ; ignoring slack space due
    to block size, trying to take into account the extra space used for
    file names

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