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install non-core udebs to /usr/local

First a disclamer, this idea popped into my head 5 minutes ago so maybe
im overlooking something.

There is a bit of a catch-22 at work here.

1) We want to have as few core components as possible, to minimise space

2) The more non-core components we have the more temperary space we
might need to unpack them and temperary space is wasted if it isnt

Because the installer is modular we cant acurately estimate how much
space the installer will need to operate.
We have to be able to handle read-only media.

If we structure the installers mounts we can work around these problems.

a) root filesystem can be readonly

b) a writable /var directory must initially exist, this wouldnt be very
big initially, it could be ramdisk, ramfs without many overheads. We
could estimate how much space it needs fairly acurately, and be carefull
of its limitations

c) udebs get installer to /usr/local, which can be mounted on a seperate
area that has no limiting space constraints, loopfs would be ideal.
/usr/local can be unmounted and remounted without killing the system

This layout would mean that partitioning modules could be installed to a
loopfs, and partitioning tools housed in /usr/local could operate from
memory if the loopfs needed to be temperarily unmounted and remounted in
order to work on the space underneath it.

What do you think ?


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