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Re: Booting a Compaq Armada E500: pcmcia support?

"wisse e." <wisse@nlr.nl> writes:

> I was trying to start the compact potato disks to install debian from
> the net on a Compaq Armada E500. The ethernet adapter is installed in
> the pcmcia slot. From the documentation I understand I should be able
> to use the pcmcia using only the "rescue" and "root" disk images of
> the compact disk set. After succesfully mounting the swap and root
> partitions I try to activate the pcmcia via "Configuring PCMCIA support",
> select i82365 without arguments (which works under my previous RedHat
> setup) and am greeted with a "An error encountered while trying etc."
> message.
> Anybody tried this too? Do I need some other boot image?

Did you try running '/sbin/cardmgr' on tty2 ?  Did you check in the
logs on tty3 and tty4?  What did it say?

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