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Re: install non-core udebs to /usr/local

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> c) udebs get installer to /usr/local, which can be mounted on a seperate
> area that has no limiting space constraints, loopfs would be ideal.
> /usr/local can be unmounted and remounted without killing the system

What's wrong with ramfs? I saw you mention on irc that it has a 1/2 of
memory max size, but that doesn't seem *too* limiting.

> This layout would mean that partitioning modules could be installed to a
> loopfs, and partitioning tools housed in /usr/local could operate from
> memory if the loopfs needed to be temperarily unmounted and remounted in
> order to work on the space underneath it.


> What do you think ?

Makes some sense. I would rather make core stuff use the root filesystem
and other stuff use /usr though. The root filesystem could be a cramfs
filesystem, which would require it to be read-only; /var could be
another ramfs or a link to the /usr ramfs.

see shy jo

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