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Re: install non-core udebs to /usr/local

Joey Hess wrote:
> Glenn McGrath wrote:
> > c) udebs get installer to /usr/local, which can be mounted on a seperate
> > area that has no limiting space constraints, loopfs would be ideal.
> > /usr/local can be unmounted and remounted without killing the system
> What's wrong with ramfs? I saw you mention on irc that it has a 1/2 of
> memory max size, but that doesn't seem *too* limiting.
> > This layout would mean that partitioning modules could be installed to a
> > loopfs, and partitioning tools housed in /usr/local could operate from
> > memory if the loopfs needed to be temperarily unmounted and remounted in
> > order to work on the space underneath it.
> Yuck.
Yea i know its ugly, but if we can get a usable loopfs running then we
have absolutely no space problems at all. But we will have to get around
a few problems if we are going to use a loopfs.

> > What do you think ?
> Makes some sense. I would rather make core stuff use the root filesystem
> and other stuff use /usr though. The root filesystem could be a cramfs
> filesystem, which would require it to be read-only; /var could be
> another ramfs or a link to the /usr ramfs.

Well, if we need more than 4MB of space in /usr then it will mean that
we can only install to machines with more than 8MB, which effictively
means you need 16MB to install debian.

In my eyes this would be unacceptable, im all for useing ramfs to make
the most of machines that do have a lot of RAM but we have to have a
backup plan for those who dont.

If we can get a loopfs working we might even be able to install to
machines with 4MB


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