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Re: [GSoC] blends-gsoc documentation

On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 03:56:00PM +0300, Emmanouil Kiagias wrote:
> > The thing is that if we manage to get new teams involved it might
> > increase the acceptance if the way from editing a tasks file to the
> > creation of the metapackage is "short" in terms of not beeing forced to
> > wait for one day until UDD is updated.  It could be discussed with DSA
> > on IRC where they are more responsive than on mailing lists like
> > debian-qa.
> >
> >
> Yes I agree, talking on IRC sounds good we can schedule that.

I think some DSA member is always on IRC - no need for scheduling anything.
> > It also could speed up things if we could
> >
> >   a) make the UDD importer capable to import a single Blend (which could
> >      speed up things drastically for one Blend that just changed its
> >      tasks files
> >      consequently we should create separate log files per Blend which
> >      would make more sense anyway.
> >   b) use some "cache" for the tasks files of the Blends like storing some
> >      md5sum of recently imported tasks files which do not need to be
> >      imported twice
> >   c) try to make the insertion procedure itself more efficient by for
> >      instance:
> >       - check, whether we could speed up the check for a package that
> >         just exists in UDD
> >       - inject all packages in one rush
> >
> > This should give some ideas what could be done as a bonus to the GSoC
> > task.
> >
> >
> These are good ideas, but I am not quite sure if I have the time needed to
> deploy them before the GSoC deadline (upcoming Monday).

That's perfectly OK.  I just wanted to make sure you will not become
bored to some extend. ;-)

> So if you also
> agree for the moment I  will sum up all the documentation we have and
> probably finish up the sgml to xml convertion (it should not take very
> long).


> Once I am done with these (and finish some other university
> obligations this week ) I will then start working on the above ideas :-).

Perfectly fine.
> PS: In case we don't speak again before Friday, have a nice time in your
> upcoming vacations :-)

Yup.  I'll see whether I will be online from time to time.  If you need
anything from me as mentor while I'm offline please ask Sukhbir how to

Kind regards



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