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Re: [GSoC] blends-gsoc documentation

Hello Andreas,

Well, I'm a bit concerned about


The thing is that if we manage to get new teams involved it might
increase the acceptance if the way from editing a tasks file to the
creation of the metapackage is "short" in terms of not beeing forced to
wait for one day until UDD is updated.  It could be discussed with DSA
on IRC where they are more responsive than on mailing lists like

Yes I agree, talking on IRC sounds good we can schedule that.
It also could speed up things if we could

  a) make the UDD importer capable to import a single Blend (which could
     speed up things drastically for one Blend that just changed its
     tasks files
     consequently we should create separate log files per Blend which
     would make more sense anyway.
  b) use some "cache" for the tasks files of the Blends like storing some
     md5sum of recently imported tasks files which do not need to be
     imported twice
  c) try to make the insertion procedure itself more efficient by for
      - check, whether we could speed up the check for a package that
        just exists in UDD
      - inject all packages in one rush

This should give some ideas what could be done as a bonus to the GSoC

These are good ideas, but I am not quite sure if I have the time needed to deploy them before the GSoC deadline (upcoming Monday). So if you also agree for the moment I  will sum up all the documentation we have and probably finish up the sgml to xml convertion (it should not take very long). Once I am done with these (and finish some other university obligations this week ) I will then start working on the above ideas :-).

Kind regards


PS: In case we don't speak again before Friday, have a nice time in your upcoming vacations :-)

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