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Re: [GSoC] blends-gsoc documentation

Hello Andreas,

> For debian-ezgo although there are 3-4 releases none of them is tagged in
> svn, so how do we distinguish here which are the task files for the
> previous release? I was thinking of getting the revision number when the
> previous release was added in the debian/changelog and just  get the tasks
> files for that revision number.

Hmmm, shame on ezgo maintainers.  Perhaps you might contact them whether
they reproduce / fake tags.  If all else fails you could create the tag
directories and inject the files from snapshot.debian.org.


Yes.  Become a member of debian-multimedia team. ;-)

It is in their area (as an exception, same as debian-edu).  People in
Debian Multimedia considered this an advantage for whatever reason but
in this specific case it is probably a disadvantage.  May be posting
the issue to their list and add the patch might be sufficient.

OK, I will do that.

I'm afraid I will not manage to carefully test them all before my VAC
starts at Friday.  I'll discuss with Sukhbir what steps would be
required to formalise finish the GSoC mentor part (because I might be
offline(ish) for the next three weeks).

OK no problem :-),  I will also try to finalize everything by tomorrow Wednesday to have all things ready.

Do you have anything else to propose that has to be done before the end of the GSoC program?

Kind regards


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