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Re: [SCM] blends-gsoc branch, master, updated. 28e2fba86f5538e7ae12e30260646add979541a1

Hello Andreas,

Thanks for working on this.  What I'd like to see would be a Makefile in the style of the
old documentation with targets


This would safe people from finding out how to create human readable doc.

Yeap I have this in mind, I was planning to work on the Makefile once I convert all the pages first.

I'm attaching some Makefile I created when I did some previous attempt
three(!!!) years ago.  So I have not tested this at all neither do I
have time - but it should give you an idea what I mean and perhaps it is
cheaper to derive from this rather than starting from scratch.

Thanks for your work on this

:-) , thanks for the Makefile, it will save some time.

Kind regards


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