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Re: [GSoC] blends-gsoc documentation

Hi Emmanouil,

On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 10:17:36PM +0300, Emmanouil Kiagias wrote:
> I wrote some documentation in blends/doc/en for the blends-gsoc using the
> debian-sgml syntax.


> For the moment I stored the new A_devel.sgml in blends-gsoc/doc/s

No big deal but the *.sgml files belong into the en/ subdirectory.

> cause I
> did not know if I should create a new branch in blends git or if I should
> work directly on master changing directly the documentation there.

IMHO it would be no real harm to work in master.  As long as you not say
`make publish` the doc is not updated online and chances that people dig
into Vcs to get the latest doc is converging to zero.  (If only people
would read the online docs I'd be more than happy. ;-))

> I have
> also attached the blends/doc/en/A_devel.sgml patch. Except from the new
> sections statusdump and changelogentry I also changed the first section a
> little and also the debian-control section.

>From a *quick* look at the diff between old A_devel.sgml it looks OK but
I have not managed to read through thoroughly.
> To be honest I am not quite sure if I used proper wording for the
> documentation. As always any feedback is more than welcome :-). Which other
> parts you think should also be documented?

For the moment it looks OK.

I think it would be a useful task to download *every* Blends Vcs and
recreate the needed files and also *commit* the resulting files back to
SVN, specifically to circumvent the changelog problems.  So once we
might switch to blends-dev 0.7 all Vcs are prepared.  The only Blend you
should not commit anything to is Debian Edu because they are preparing
a Wheezy release and do not want to change anything.  But I think you
would need to be a member of debian-edu group anyway to commit to this

Kind regards



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