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Re: [GSoC] blends-gsoc documentation

Hello Andreas,

No big deal but the *.sgml files belong into the en/ subdirectory.

Yeap, now I moved it into the blends git repo in the proper directory.

IMHO it would be no real harm to work in master.  As long as you not say
`make publish` the doc is not updated online and chances that people dig
into Vcs to get the latest doc is converging to zero.  (If only people
would read the online docs I'd be more than happy. ;-))

OK :-) I commited the documentation to blends master.

I think it would be a useful task to download *every* Blends Vcs and
recreate the needed files and also *commit* the resulting files back to
SVN, specifically to circumvent the changelog problems.  So once we
might switch to blends-dev 0.7 all Vcs are prepared.  The only Blend you
should not commit anything to is Debian Edu because they are preparing
a Wheezy release and do not want to change anything.  But I think you
would need to be a member of debian-edu group anyway to commit to this

The Blends which exist in git are OK, here is a summary:

* fun : (nothing to do for this)
* debian-pan : Initinal release (so this is fine)
* debian-games : Initial release (so also it is also fine)
* debian-gis : I committed  all the dependency json files (also for previous releases 0.0.2,0.0.3 corresponding tasks taken from git tags)

About the Blends which exist in svn, I tried to make a commit for debichem but I got the following message:

svn: Can't create directory '/svn/blends/db/transactions/3875-1.txn': Read-only file system

So that means that I do not have the proper permissions on blends svn? If yes, can you give me the permissions?

Also about the multimedia Blend, in UDD blends_metadata it the vcsdir column contains: git://git.debian.org/pkg-multimedia/multimedia-blends.git but no such git repo exists. So for multimedia should I make the changes in the existing multimedia svn repo?

Kind regards


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